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Mission Statement

 The mission of the Alta Brown Elementary School Media Center is to instill its patrons with a love of reading, the ability to access information from relevant materials and to be effective users of this information. 

Checkout Guidelines
  • Every classroom will be scheduled at least one library time per week.  However, students are allowed to come to the library as often as the classroom teacher will allow.  
  • Kindergarten and First grade students may check out one book at a time.

  • Second through Fourth grade students may check out two books at a time.

  • All materials are due back in one week, but they may be renewed if brought back to the library.

  • If a student owes for a book because it has become lost or damaged, their checkout will be limited until the book has been paid for.

  • If a lost book has been paid for and the book is later found and returned to the library, a refund will be issued.




Monday-Swenson, Alvarado (3),
Alvarado (K), Chappel, Madera,
Shrimplin, Varela, Edwards,
Murphy & Rascon

Tuesday-Bensman, Denton,
Quintanar, Steinle, Russo &

Wednesday-Schiffelbein, Taylor,
Madera, Urrutia, Chappel,
Shrimplin & Perea

Thursday-Sanchez, Walz,
Varela & Alvarado (K)

Friday-Russo, Denton,
Quintanar, Chappel,
Madera & Shrimplin

Oops!  My dog/little brother ate my book!

   Accidents happen!  If a book becomes damaged, please tell let me know so that I can fix it. We use special book tape in the library, so please don't try to repair books at home.  If a book is returned damaged, we will ask that the student not check out until we can determine if we are able to repair the book.  If a book becomes wet or damaged beyond use, please pay the cost to replace the book so that we can purchase another book for our collection.  A note will be sent home from the library with the amount due to the library for the damaged book.  Payments can certainly be arranged.